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Supply Chain Management System

Expert advice on how to manage or to optimise your overall supply chain management system. All elements including Sourcing, sampling, procurement, production, logistics, customs compliance, warehousing to distribution

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Link For Ideas, Inventory Management System Solutions and Consultancy
Link For Ideas Services

Inventory Management

Inventory management typically causes headaches to small businesses, you want to expand fast and we give full support in inventory management operations, optimisation as well as the system setup.

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Link for Ideas customised production
Link For Ideas Services

Customised Production

New product development or simply need to brand and mass produce your products. Link for Ideas can offer a one-stop shop solution from sourcing to product launch.

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Link For Ideas Services

Samples and Procurement

Typically when you need an agent based in China who can represent you to procure samples and negotiate the best possible deal.

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Link for Ideas - getting the information you need from vendors - RFIs
Link For Ideas Services

Sourcing in China

Link for Ideas specialises in the Chinese Market. Whether you have ideas or simply wish to do a price analysis, Link for Ideas will be able to help. It’s a free consultation on supplier and product sourcing.

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Online Digital Presence

3 key areas for the Online Digital Presence: e-Commerce Solutions, Brand Development and Digital Marketing. We also develop websites and intergrate the above 3 areas.​

Supply Chain Solutions​

6 key elements in Supply Chain: Soucing, Samples and Procurement​, Custom Production, International Logistics and Customs Compliance​, Inventory and Supply Chain Management System​​. ​

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