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Inventory management typically causes headaches to small businesses, you want to expand fast and we give full support in inventory management operations, optimisation as well as the system setup.

Inventory management typically causes headaches to small businesses. Business may have hundreds of products and items you need to look after. That’s not even taking into account internal stock and equipment.

When to re-order? What is your safety stock level? Do you have a first in first out system in place? How can you forecast your next order? What would be the actual cost of a product including transportation? How to amortise the cost?

We understand the pain and we are here to support you. Regardless of how small your business is, we aim to provide all businesses a cost-effective and in-house inventory management system.

From inventory setup to system implementation, we will be working with you to ensure all procedures are in place, or you can simply outsource this part to us.

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