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Link for Ideas, solutions and consultancy on e-commerce
Link for Ideas, Solutions on Supply Chain, Inventory and Online Digital Performance

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Link For Ideas

Link For Ideas provides solutions and consultancy on Supply Chain, Inventory Management and Online Digital Presence. We aim to help SMEs to have easier operations, to grow smoother and faster by providing cost effective tools and solutions.

How it all started?

Regardless the size of the business, arranging logistics can be difficult and time consuming. Start-up or smaller businesses always end up paying more and it may involve many new manual processes.

Being able to understand what drives SMEs and what they need, we created Link For Ideas, as we can do better together!

We offer different business models in how we can support you, so why not contact us and help us help you.

How does it work?

A simple consultation or solution involves either a flat fee or it can be completely free based on how we can partner.

We offer consultations on solutions or we can provide a one stop shop system solution with an in-house built system to look after your business processes cost effectively and efficiently.

Drop us a line with some basic information about your ideas or business and what direction you want to take you forward.

Whatever the challenge we’re sure we can help.

Link for Ideas, solutions and consultancy on supply chain management

Be curious and grow

We are always curious to find out new information/processes and improve on any solutions we can offer.

We learn from our customer’s challenges and we build solutions to put in place to improve cost effectiveness and efficiencies.

Enbrace the challenges

Challenges don’t turn us away, we love to face them and smash them.

We believe every challenge is an opportunity to learn, grow and become stronger.

We keep it simple

Our simple business model offers various partnership opportunities.

A flat service fee or we help each other in partnership.

Together we can do better

Every business has strengths and weaknesses, including us. We endeavour to identify every possible opportunity to fill gaps in systems and processes.

Our Vision and Mission

We Believe In Process Optimisation

A good solution can really speed up daily operations as well as saving costs.

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Online Digital Presence

3 key areas for the Online Digital Presence: e-Commerce Solutions, Brand Development and Digital Marketing. We also develop websites and intergrate the above 3 areas.​

Supply Chain Solutions​

6 key elements in Supply Chain: Soucing, Samples and Procurement​, Custom Production, International Logistics and Customs Compliance​, Inventory and Supply Chain Management System​​. ​

Our Core Service Categories

We Focus On

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Link for Ideas, Free consultation on Supply Chain Solutions

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