5 tips on how to improve SEO management

Link for Ideas, 5 tips on how to improve SEO management
How can a good SEO management strategy make your website stand out? 5 tips on how to improve SEO management

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How many blogs are there in the world in 2020?

Over 600 million blogs in the digital world out of almost 2 billion websites. Over 2 billion blog posts are being published each year worldwide, that’s over 5 million blog posts published per day and 4,000 blog posts published each minute posted on many blog platforms. 

How can a good SEO management strategy make your website stand out? 

As you can see the competition is pretty high. Depending on your site’s purpose – whether it’s a service site, a blog or eCommerce we would need to create different strategies. 

5 tips on how to improve SEO management

Here are 5 tips in SEO management strategy for blogs. 

Tip 1: Define your blog content

What is your blog for and what’s your revenue expectation through the site? The blog contents can be defined in the below 5 categories: 

  1. Affiliate link – generating revenue by clicking on the Ad through an affiliate program such as Amazon Associates, Google Adsense. 
  2. Freelance work or agent services –  offering practical and useful information through blogs to get freelance work. 
  3. Online ebook or course – offering your knowledge and training expertise.
  4. Merchandising – trading through websites such as eCommerce.  
  5. Software – offering useful applications or tools online. 

Tip 2: Write down your focus keyword and sets of long-trail keywords 

Depending on what you are posting, you can use online keyword tools such as Google Trend (free) or Ubersuggest (subject to a subscription fee), the tools provide practical information on keyword competition, search analysis, related topics and related keyword information. 

Prepare yourself a document and copy those useful and related keywords for the blog you were going to write. Then place those keywords into your blog post content.  

Tip 3: Think from a reader’s perspective

Many people (including myself) when writing an article for a blob, I often wanted to do storytelling in my travel blog but I am no good at that. Although the post itself contains useful information, the reader often can’t keep reading if the information they are seeking is somewhere in the post. 

The best practical way for a blog to succeed in getting thousands of clicks is Q&A style. You should think of yourself as a reader, what kind of word you would likely use for searching engines. Use the online keyword tools to search relevant and suggested sets of keywords and apply then into your sentences. 

Tip 4: Posting on social media 

The 4 benefits of blogging on social media: 

  • Get More Followers on All Platforms By Blogging
  • Every Blog Post is An Opportunity
  • Increased Engagement & Response
  • PreSelling Your Audience

Social media platforms stay on the higher ranking on any search engine, when you post your blog through social media, you increase the ranking and the chance of being searchable. 

Tip 5: Create backlinks 

Creating backlinks is one of the keys to improve the search ranking. Google is very clever and its searching algorithm would give your site more ranking if you are backlinked through a different website. 

You can read more on this with Expert Guide on How to Master SEO.

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